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How to convert a modern sewing machine to a treadle machine. How cool and simple is this??? Shop for crochet, knitting, quilting and sewing patterns, as well as card making projects and supplies, beading kits, yarn, fabric and more at Annie’s. The example here shows the machine in its hand crank version, priced at 8 guineas. Treadle and cabinet versions were also available at increased cost. The casting was styled after an original work of art by J. Vasteugh Gyorgy.

white family rotary sewing machine

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1 Domestic Sewing Machines May be useful for dating, but note that old style machines can be fitted with the latest style shuttles adapted for.

Period news indicated an ambitious White Sewing manufacturing had claimed a production goal of machines a day. If they had hit it, production would have equaled approximately machines a year during this time. A 29, annual production rate was not sustained as period news reported a dramatic drop in production by , the year that White had closed the Raymond Guelph factory forever.

The largest Raymond serial number found to date June 24 was This serial number run began in with the first generation high arm, called the New Raymond High Arm and continued un interrupted until Between and , an estimate of , machines is reasonable. Note the rear bobbin slide is now blank. This example below, found with a warranty card, is serial number M and is presented with many thanks to Christian Cardell Corbet for sharing his photos.

Treadle Sewing Machines Information

The letters before a serial number refer to the production plant location. Replacement parts often have serial numbers or patent numbers embossed or stamped somewhere, as well. If your machine is missing the serial number, contact Singer Consumer Affairs for assistance in determining its age. You can also email at singer cox.

Singer sewing machines have existed since From the cast iron treadle-operated machines before the advent of electricity, to the iron “modern” machines of the ‘s, many a seamstress has owned a Singer.

The White Sewing Machine Company was originally started in as the for stamped on to the slide plates, which helps with the dating of these models.

If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and expansion, then please use button below. It was founded by Thomas Howard White and a partner in Templeton, Massachusetts, when as a 22 year old, he invented a chain stitch sewing machine small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. This machine was so successful that within a few years it was necessary to obtain bigger premises.

In The decision was made to relocate to Cleveland, Ohio as this was felt to be more central to their markets. When it was incorporated in , the company changed its name to the White Sewing Machine Company. Like many other American manufacturers the company soon opened offices in London to manage its export sales to Europe. By its European Office had moved to 19 Queen Victoria Street, London, where it stayed for around 10 years before moving again to 48 Holborn Viaduct.

Between and the company won many prestigious awards for their excellent sewing machine designs and were ranked second only to those manufactured by the Singer Sewing Machine Company. They also produced a crinkle finish machine which was later to be copied by Singer. All American manufacturers with the exception of Singer had either gone bankrupt or were taken over by foreign companies. During its heyday the White Sewing Machine Company produced numerous models but this page is dedicated to just a few of the early vibrating shuttle models.

A unique characterictic of all White VS machines is that the shuttles have a central pin which fits through the hollow tubular shaft of the bobbins.

How Do I Find Out the Year of a White Sewing Machine?

But it can also be used as a name for a company selling sewing machines. That is the case with this sewing machine company. This was a short-lived American sewing machine company. Who made Domestic sewing machines? Originally, this sewing machine brand was made by the Wm. Starting at roughly and received a patent for its version of the sewing machine in

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William L. Cleveland, Ohio. From White Sewing Machine Company. Seeking a central location near markets and materials. William Grout of the city and county of Worcester, State of Massachusetts. This small sewing machine, which has no identifying marks, may have been made in Brattleboro, Vermont by one of the two manufacturers operating there in the period from Thomas H. Collectively, all of these machines are known as ” New England ” style machines.

It is possible, too, that it may have been made by one of several Massachusetts-based sewing machine companies. Three other Orange, Massachusetts, based companies made these New England-style machines:. Andrew J. Albert F.

White Family Rotary

The Story of the May Sisters. By the late ‘s, virtually all sewing machines had evolved to the same utilitarian design we still see today. While practical, this universal sameness has made us forget the golden age of sewing machines, when every manufacturer had unique designs ofte n featuring elaborate scrollwork frames and beautiful illustrations.

Come with me as we turn back the pages of time to an era when sewings machines could cost as much as a year’s wages and were status symbols as important as Rolex watches and smart phones are today. The sewing machines shown on this page are part of a collection that started with a machine made in by the Jones Sewing Machine Company. To reflect its age, style and personality, it was named “Hilda May.

Harris’s, Maker: Bernardt Stoewer, Stettin, Grünhof, Serial #: , Date: c.​ My wife bought an antique sewing machine built in a table that looks like oak. Sewing Machines Best singer sewing machine, painted furniture, repurposing White Rotary Sewing MachineSewing Machine RepairSewing Machine.

I picked up a near functional white rotary machine that has the decorations cast into the body and the black crinkle finish. There aren’t any model numbers that I can find on it, other than the motor plate says Motor No. The infrastructure for dating Whites is For reference, 1X was estimated at It is definitely a rugged machine and very smooth despite some surface rust on the former shiny parts. From what I can gather, the family rotary model has the serial number beginning with FR, but it is essentially the same machine as prior models?

White Sewing Machine

Sewing needles, along with the oldest thimbles in recorded history, were found in the tomb of a government official from the Han Dynasty. Even in ancient history, sewing was an important part of life— and more advanced than we might think. Due to the Crusades, Europeans encountered many other cultures.

Images and descriptions of 9 antique sewing machines. Dating this to an exact year was made easy by the fact that the needle plate was stamped but the fact is poor old Nellie, a White rotary sewing machine, weighs as much as a.

It was called the ‘Peerless’ and its evolution tracked that of its full-sized parent:. The first versions of the White Sewing Machine [4] used a “boat” shuttle that was comparable to those used in contemporary transverse shuttle machines. In the shuttle was changed to a bullet shape, with a thin rod in the interior upon which the bobbin rotates. The change was probably prompted by the bullet shuttle used in the new Singer Vibrating Shuttle machine, invented the year before, itself a derivative of the White machine.

Still later, the shuttle was refined again for the Peerless machines. White produced VS machines under several different badges, in addition to the Peerless. D’Arcy Porter and George W. Baker designed the machine and are named as inventors on most of the six [9] original US patents, dated —, that cover it. At the time of its development, the machine was the White Sewing Machine Company’s flagship product—so much so that it was simply named the “White Sewing Machine”. Only later it was called the “White Vibrating Shuttle”, when a rotary hook model named the White Family Rotary was added to the product line.

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