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Bring it to Dr. The term china doll is typically used to describe a porcelain or bisque doll with a glazed finished head. Unlike multi-material Madame Alexander dolls made during the s and beyond, china dolls from the late s and early s were made of bisque ceramic and porcelain. Body parts of the dolls were varied and the dolls which date to the late 19th and early 20th Centuries were typically made in pottery manufacturing factories in France, Germany, and elsewhere. Some heads have a glazed finish and some are unglazed for a matte finish. Often, the heads and faces are highlighted with painted lips, cheeks, and eyebrows.

How to Find the Value of Antique Porcelain Dolls

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Vintage dolls are appealing to collectors due to the rich and interesting history and background. Antique dolls are available in many styles and sizes.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Dear Helaine and Joe: The doll head in the photos has been in my family since it was given to a 7-year-old girl by Santa Claus in Dear M. Among others, there are cloth dolls, wooden dolls, wax dolls, plastic dolls, vinyl dolls, metal-headed dolls, celluloid dolls, composition dolls and dolls with heads, arms and legs made from porcelain.

Dolls with porcelain heads that have been fired more than once and have a glaze on them are called china-headed dolls. These usually have a rather placid, glossy surface, and the doll in today’s question is one of these. Most china-headed dolls were made in Germany, but some are attributed to France and England. Few china-headed dolls were marked by their makers, and this makes most china-headed dolls difficult to attribute to a particular manufacturer.

Hair styles help date china dolls

Circa It is a set of two dolls, dressed. Theriault’s Antique Doll Auctions – Three German Porcelain Dollhouse Dolls – 7″ Each has porcelain shoulder head with black sculpted hair,painted features,muslin body,porcelain lower limbs,and each is wearing pretty antique costume. Germany,circa Antique 20″ smiling china head German doll ‘s original clothing.

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To register for our free community please click here. The time period became associated with this style of doll and many dealers use the term to refer goat these wigged china from the previously mentioned dates. Hairstyles may give a hint about who the doll may represents, or when she may have been popular, dolls doll manufacturers might used a head mold for years, even after the hairstyle was out of date.

Antique color can also help date a doll’s manufacture. China head dolls were made with black, dating dark brown, and blonde hair. Red hair was not very popular:. Dolls were dressed and changed and loved by children, so many times the antique on a doll is not original. A china head doll antique original clothing or at the very least, clothing from the doll’s era is more valuable than a doll without head correct clothing.

Some doll dating wait years before they locate accurate clothing for their antique head doll. Do not remove or destroy any clothing from a china head doll, no matter how poor the condition:.

Antique China Dolls

I recently purchased a small Hertwig china doll who is inferior in her china head, face painting, and bisque limbs. Print bodies for Hertwig dolls were available possibly from about , and definitely from Butler Brothers distributor from to Many print body dolls are made in alphabet or flag print on the nanking cotton body.

From early times, children everywhere have loved dolls. This program presents a sampling of different types of dolls, many of them old, rare, or beautiful, which.

Antique China head dolls have delighted children and adults alike for years, and the passion for these antiques continues unabated. Whether you purchase high-end, museum-quality examples, or you delight in a doll which survived some dings and chips, collecting china head dolls means entering in a world of history, fashion and fairytales. China head dolls are those dolls with head, neck, and shoulders also called shoulder plates made from china.

Sometimes, the lower legs, feet, hands, and arms were also made of china. The china sections had small holes punched in them, and were sewn to doll bodies made of fabric and stuffed with horsehair, straw, sand or other materials. Dolls came in all sizes, from a few inches to nearly 36″ or more ; the size depended upon the china factory’s ability to mold larger body sections.

China dolls first began to appear in the 18th century notes the Childhood Playthings exhibit from the Shriver-Weybright Exhibition Gallery, although they were far less available than the wood, gesso, wax and papier mache dolls of the era.

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Download. Vintage Dolls, Antique Dolls, China Dolls, Old Dolls, Dollhouse Dolls, Antique This is a pristine doll head of unknown origin and date. China Dolls.

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We serve cookies our website uses cookies our site was designed to b. Ancient greek dolls with china head dolls have a few years. Vintage porcelain company. Learn how to the age, which shirley temple doll collectors and children alike. Dating antique dolls dating antique doll is to and collect china doll. Q i am hoping your annalee doll is a bonanza of china head.

Guide to Antique Dolls with China Heads

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Posts about China doll written by Jennifer Stewart. small Hertwig china doll who is inferior in her china head, face painting, and bisque limbs. The flat tops, while older and dating as far back as the American Civil War era.

Although the value of his or her porcelain doll collection isn’t always at the forefront of every collector’s thoughts, it’s probably a rare collector who doesn’t think at least occasionally, “I wonder what this doll is worth? Porcelain dolls that were made 80 to years ago or more can be quite valuable.

This is obviously the exception, not the rule. First, you’ll need to see if you can figure out the basics of when and by whom the doll was manufactured. Most dolls will have a manufacturer’s stamp on them and a marking indicating the year they were made. If you can’t find any obvious manufacturer’s markings, look for any markers on the back of the head, shoulders, or upper back of the doll. Some of these are numbers from the porcelain molds used to make the doll, and you can look these up online or potentially consult an appraiser to help you identify your particular doll.

Next, you’ll need to honestly assess the condition of your doll, as its condition is unlikely to be perfect. Obviously, mint condition porcelain dolls are worth more than those in poor condition, but it’s more unusual than you probably think to have one that’s in perfect mint condition.

What are China-Head Dolls?

China-head dolls are now antiques and often very valuable, but in the nineteenth century they were a popular toy for children. China-head dolls are so named because their head, neck, and the tops of the shoulders are made from china. The hands and feet are china, as well, while the body is stuffed fabric or kid, or even carved wood. The china pieces have holes for sewing the appendages onto the body.

Most had formed hair in styles that reflected the time period, with a few having a bald head with attached human hair wigs. 75% of china heads.

China and Parian dolls are similar in many aspects. Both are made of porcelain with the parians having a flat finish and china dolls with a shinny glossy finish. They all had shoulder plate heads that were mounted on fabric bodies. Most had formed hair in styles that reflected the time period, with a few having a bald head with attached human hair wigs. Arms and legs on both styles were made of porcelain, but leather and cloth were also used.

Very few of the dolls were factory assembled, but were sold in separate pieces with the buyer assembling them by making home-made bodies of cloth. Because of this, china and parian dolls vary greatly in proportions causing most clothing to be unique, custom made for each doll.

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March 03, – Antiques, Art and Collectibles. Some dolls from specific time periods have even made it into museums. Maybe you received porcelain dolls as gifts when you were a child. Or perhaps you begged your parents to buy you a beautiful porcelain doll when you went to the toy store. Either way, you probably no longer have a use for these dolls. Keeping them cooped up in your dusty attic is no way to make cash.

Most china dolls represented ladies, and were fashionably dressed in up-to-date fashions. After about , china heads were often sold separately, leaving the.

American English. French German. Rest of World By Material. Bisque Celluloid. Hard Plastic. Metal Papier Mache. Rubber Wax Wood. Advertising Dolls. Antique Lady Dolls. Automata Dolls.

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